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WIP Sanderella's Crochet

WIP Sanderella’s Crochet


Found this easy peasy pattern to work up between all that I am doing over the summer, and thought I would share it with you!

I am using Ella Rae yarn called ‘Seasons’.  76% acrylic, 14% wool, 10% polyamide.  Each ball contains 219 yards. It comes in so many different colors, and this particular color I purchased at my local yarn shop; ‘The Lazy Daisy’.  I had just two balls of it, and as I am going along here I can see where it offers a cool and a warm side.

 This yarn runs $7.99 a ball and even on line the same price.  I found a link to purchase more that I will need on line here and they have great color offerings, as well as what I am going to need to purchase to finish this piece and many, many amazing yarns and fibers, supplies for crochet and knitting, patterns.

The size is 45″ x 60″, and it gets fringe.  I wanted to make this one for myself to throw over a corner of a sofa or chair, will be nice on a chilly evening.

The pattern is from a booklet called Q-Hook Afghans and the designer is Melissa Leapman.

Materials:  Worsted Weight Yarn, 70 ounces, (1.990 grams or 4,085 yards)

 Crochet hook size Q (15.00mm)

Note:  Afghan is worked holding two strands of yarn together

Gauge:  In pattern, 9 sts = 51/4″ and 7 rows = 61/2″


Ch 79

Row 1.  (Right side) Dc in fourth ch from hook (3 skipped chs count as first dc) and in each ch across.  You will have 77 dc.  If you need to, mark this row as the right side.

Row 2.  Ch3 (counts as first dc, now and throughout), turn; *work FPdc around each of the next 3 dc, dc in next dc; repeat from * across.

Row 3.  Ch3, turn; *dc in next 3 FPdc, work FPdc around next dc; repeat from * across to last 4 sts, dc in last 4 sts.

Row 4.  Ch 3, turn; work FPdc around each of next 3 dc, *work BPdc around next FPdc, work FPdc around each of next 3 dc; repeat from * across to the last dc, dc in last dc.

Row 5.  Ch 3, turn; *dc in next 3 FPdc, work FPdc around next BPdc; repeat from * across to last 4 sts, dc in last 4 sts.

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until your afghan measures approx. 60″ from beginning ch, ending by working row 4; finish off.

For the fringe, add 12 strands of fringe at each corner and at each post st across short ends of afghan.

I hope you will enjoy this pattern, I am actually working on two of them at the same time, because I know I am going to be running out of my Ella Rae yarn!  Lol!

The other one is a neutral color and I am using Caron’s One Pound.  I had so much of it left over from an owl basket I made, and thought this would be really pretty at the end of my bed.

If you have this little booklet, there are so many cute projects in the book to make.  I have had this booklet for years, and ran across it…cleaning!  Yep, I was re arranging some things and took a break to go through some of my booklets, and I landed on this one project.

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