Feeling Blessed

8813c-thankyou7For your patience and understanding with my absence over this summer.

It feels awkward for me not to be proactive with my accounts each and everyday, however I am having some different diagnostic tests ordered by my physician which I am truly grateful for and following her advice to slow down a taste as stress is never a good thing.  Nothing serious, but as we mature so do our systems and steps to get issues corrected are necessary.

Since so many are enjoying family time with school out, about to begin, holidays, and weekend trips I decided that over the summer is the perfect time for much needed rest, and before we know it fall will be upon us as will all of the exciting patterns both old and new begin to surface.  I do love that time of the year, don’t you?

I live in California and our weather has been quite warm here with no rain in our immediate area.  Some areas received more than they wanted or needed but the entire state is experiencing a severe drought and compliance has been mandated.  What has your weather been like in your area?

On another note; and this news is far more exciting than my diagnostic tests and the weather…lol…I have made an offer to my mother to purchase her mobile home that I  have lived in over the past six years as I am her caretaker.  I do not get paid by the state to help my mother.   While she can feed and dress and bathe herself, her days are spent watching television as she finds it difficult to do much other with her diabetes.   I am always busy.

The constant worry since I did quit my full time job in which to do so, in ever being able to provide a decent, safe and secure  home for my cats and myself  has I believe played a roll with my digestive system issues.

 My mother was happy with the offer, and between Dr. appointments I have been working on 20 years of clearing out cabinets, drawers, closets and two storage units on the property of things collected and forgotten…you know how we all do those things.  I can use those two storage units for some of my things, so excited about that.

I have had all of my personal belongings in storage for these six years and that cost increases each year which is an expense I look forward to not having one day soon with my cleaning and clearing of  things.

I made my address change to rid myself of the expense of the personal mailbox my mother felt I should have when I moved here.  Blowing gas to pick up mail when my mail could have been delivered here…so I was thrilled with that much alone as that expense increases every two years and gas prices are off the charts in my area.  I was also added to the paperwork here in the office as I was listed as a caretaker and not a resident. That alone gave me back all six years I have invested.

  I took early S.S. to do what I needed to do to help my mother so a little bit at a time from my notebook filled with do this, do that…along with my offer is keeping my calculator smokin!  Lol  But it certainly has cleared my mind of the ongoing  uncertainty I have lived with for so many years when my mother is no longer with us.

I am looking forward to fall, returning to the things I enjoy with my free time, visiting blogs, websites,  my facebook page and with a healthy body and a mind at rest knowing everything is going to be okay for myself and the two loves of my life; Romeo and Rose, my cats.  Worry I feel really takes a toll on people and that worry can trickle down to your pets as well which I never want.  My cats are healthy and well and I want to keep them and myself that way.

People in general will always have little worries and concerns of course, it is apart of life. Unnecessary worry placed upon people is more than anyone should have to bear, and it was not apart of my life before I came here so looking forward to better and brighter days ahead!

Feeling blessed,


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      Sandy says

      Thank you Vanja…I suppose I should come back full time really, it feels so awkward not tending to my accts….giving that lots of thought today….hugs, Sandy

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