Indian corn dishcloth pattern free pattern

Indian Corn Dishcloth Pattern

Indian Corn Dishcloth Pattern


Today has been a most interesting day for me, I have been crocheting and knitting both, and while hot pads, trivets and pot holders were cropping up all over Facebook today, I decided to list one of my dishcloth patterns.

I used the yarn I had on hand….Peaches and Cream 100% cotton yarn.  The pattern is very, very easy and you can quickly whip up a half dozen in no time!  :)

This pattern says dishcloth…make yours in a solid, stripes, all multi colored…however you want and use them also for washcloths.

I have my pattern listed at Ravelry and Craftsy as a free download.

I do charge for my patterns, I don’t run ads to support my yarn purchases or to support my website, however this pattern should be free!

I have an about page that you can read if you would like.

Thank you for stopping by today, I have been so very busy going in different directions with doctors lately I have fallen a bit behind with my website here….hopefully I can catch up a bit!


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    Hi, what crochet hook do you use? I use the Clover Amour with the soft grip handles, I have just received the last of my hooks to complete my set… have a look if you get a moment and leave me a comment if you want!
    Bye for now, Jay

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      Sandy says

      Hi Jay!! Just visited your site and I love your hooks!! My goodness, so many colors!! No, I don’t have those but they sure are tempting! I have sets of aluminium, steel, plastic, wood. I have been busy collecting my knitting needles and already have a nice assortment of those. I visiting your adorable little Etsy shop as well! I enjoyed both of my visits. It was nice to hear from you again, I am on a vacation through the summer. I am purchasing my mother’s mobile home and boy oh boy….lots and lots of work behind the scenes…things she didn’t want me into you know….to do. I am fully armed with gloves, a mask, bleach and ammonia….not to be mixed of course….steel wool and other tools. Lots of big plastic bags to throw out nothing but junk she has gathered and collected over the years. I am not one for a lot of nicky nack things. I like a few good pieces and no clutter. I also never keep any product longer than 6 mos in cosmetics to one year in cleaning things….we are opposites in that department! Lol Talk to you later!! Hugs, Sandy

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