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Good morning!

Thank you for stopping by to say ‘hello’, I appreciate it so much.

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Do know that my menu will be changing from time to time, but if you hover around, you will find it!

Ad Free

My website is totally ad free!  No annoying or distracting pop~up’s all over pictures and posts here.

I find myself avoiding sites more each day with them on as there is one company with links that attach themselves into your browser and find their way as a program in your control panel~your computer.

I realize those that have them do so for various reasons and it is a personal choice.

My personal choice is to advertise my business only, as I work hard too.  :)



My site is now ready to shop from and to shop from safely.  Your whisked directly to Paypal!

I tried very hard to keep my pricing reasonable, and I offer flat rate shipping.

If your out of the USA, use the contact form located under ‘Home’ on the menu and message me with your location so I can provide you with a rate.

At this time a small collection of crocheted beanies from preemie to adults is being offered.

What is being added?

Knitted scarves, sewn items, my jewelry creations, mixed media art, highly decorated picture frames, highly decorated hang tags, cat toys!

Those items will be added throughout this year and into next year.

I will certainly send out a memo through ‘Tiny Letter’, as to when to expect them!

Tiny Letter

An effective way to communicate with followers about upcoming posts, discounts being offered, sales and anything else I may just throw in.

If you haven’t signed up for your Tiny Letter, the signup is on my sidebar in which to do so.

Would love to have you receive yours, it lends a personal touch to communication.

Your Tiny Letter is delivered just one time a week on a Friday.  It is tiny and there is no clutter as with bulky newsletters and newspapers that basically re~hash everything or most everything you have seen already someplace else or on the same site of origin.


If you haven’t visited yet, do stop by and see if you can find a free or for fee pattern in both crochet and knitting for your next project.

I am breaking away from the select few that flood the feed with curated patterns merely to drive traffic to their sites

and seeking out new, refreshing designers with a variety of interesting patterns from babies to adults and for home decor.

I don’t pay to advertise for traffic to my page, I am finding it to be a steady ever growing community of those with like interests and those that follow faithfully.

My Patterns

I have three patterns I have created so far in crochet and those are at Etsy, Craftsy and Ravelry.  Information is on my side bar.

I have more in crochet in the works…again finding the time to put them together.

Vintage Art For Other Crafty Creations

I have collected little vintage arts for years, and have them at Etsy.

Since I completed posting my beanies yesterday, sometime today…when I have some extra time I have hundreds more that need to be sorted out and added to my shop.

That alone is a task, as pixels, centimeters, inches and dpi must be provided for each print, and two files…one for downloads and one for logo’d in my picture files.

I do want to spend some time today working on those to bring so much more in variety to my little shop while being mindful of course of the costs to list.  I don’t want my billing to be out there, so need to keep a few here and there in each category and rotate a bit to provide that variety to the customer.

Those prints can be used in so many ways!  Gift and note cards, hang tags, on stretched canvas, signs from wood or rusty tin, print on tee shirts, mugs, totes, and other items, print on fabrics to add to a quilt square, use your computer software to change the sizing for jewelry items, just to name a few!

A Cup Of Coffee

If you have visited my about page, or scrolled through my sidebar you will see a stack of cups, a rabbit with a top hat, and no that isn’t me leaning against it!  :)

I go without a lot of what was enjoyable to me when I was gainfully employed, had my own place, and I have been here now six years since moving to care for my mother. All of my things have also been in storage for six years and that cost goes up each year.

To put enough pennies together to purchase better yarns, may take me a couple of months to make the items I enjoy.

Going without make~up!

 I am into my second year of being unemployed and I threw out all of my make~up that first year, and haven’t been able to justify replacing it being home bound and as a care taker for my mother.

Where am I going anyway?

My fabrics I will be using and baubles for other upcoming projects were brought over from my storage unit in Palm Springs, so don’t think I am out shopping and enjoying the good life in the stores~far from the truth.

Much of my day is…when I am not on line… is doing what needs to be done in my mother’s home and outside front and back, cooking, running to the lab, the pharmacy, the doctor and to the lab.  My mother is not mobile, so I am busy!

What little time I do have for myself I put my all into it, and sometimes I am up very late and get up very early to have that bit of free time for myself.

I have this worry in my mind about being able to provide myself with a simple rental of my own for myself and my cats…and it is with me from sun up to sun down.

Therefore, all sales, pattern sales, and any future sales stays in my Paypal account so I can have that to relocate myself when that time comes, it will one day and I must be prepared not to be homeless with two cats in tow.

I feel I have talent in many areas, and this page and all the other social networks I am attached to will get that talent out, especially when other creations are offered and I do look forward to getting things out.

So if you enjoy my pages, my offerings, and can respect and appreciate my honesty in the matter,

I would love a good hot cup of coffee.

Thank you!

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