Designing your own scarf

I read an interesting  article written by Barbara Brieter, author of  ‘The complete Idiot’s Guide to Knitting and Crocheting’.

In designing your own scarf, Barbara discusses these questions.

How wide do you want your scarf to be,  how long should it be, what stitch pattern will you be using, what type of yarn do you want to use,  how much yarn will you need?? 

Unable to get some good photo’s in of my project’s due to one camera being on the fritz, and another that I could use… but the weather is windy and blowing sand outside…so that is no good…and quite honestly the light is poor inside…..I have been knitting and knitting up a storm.

For my own purposes…since this is what I experienced, I found this bit of information helpful;

While most basic crochet fabrics are relatively flat, many knitters venture into their own scarf pattern by simply working in stockinette stitch, and then they see it rolls and have knit what amounts to a big tube. Stockinette rolls. You can’t stop it. It’s the nature of the fabric that is produced when you knit one row and purl the next. What you can do is work the first and last 3 or 4 rows in garter stitch or seed stitch as well as the first and last 3 or 4 stitches in each row. This will usually keep a stockinette scarf from rolling.  (Ah Ha!!  So that was my problem…the rolling)! 

What the stockinette stitch looks like

Photo Credit:  Lion Brand Yarn

To figure out whether you should be knitting the row or purling the row, put your work in your left hand.

 Which side is facing you? 

If the V’s are facing you, you are on the knit side and should knit the row. If the bumps are facing you, you are on the purl side, so purl the row.

 I want to share the link to her full article, so you too can read and appreciate her expertise on this subject which can be found here.

While I plan to make many scarves this year, I want to get everything just right!

Enjoy the information she offers, you will find it to be very helpful to you!


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